22/4 Automne Hiver 2016 -17 Men

La saison  22/4  Automne Hiver 2016 -17 est un choc de modernité et de tradition se heurtant à  l'ère de la Hacienda Club des jours de Manchester et
 du  début des années 90 contre la tradition du patrimoine anglais influencé des jours du monde surréaliste de Edward 
James .

The 22/4  Autumn / Winter 2016 -17 season is a clash of modernity and tradition colliding the era of the

early 90’s  Manchester’s  Hacienda  Club  days  against  the  tradition  of  English  heritage  influenced  in  those

days by the surrealistic world of Edward James.

“In short, it’s about the Hacienda tracksuits meets Prince-of-Wales-Check,” said Stephanie Hahn.

The collection’s English tone and heritage is based on the huntsmen wardrobe and it is visible in 22/4’s

everlasting fondness of masculine traditional English patterns found in classic hounds tooth  and tartan

checks.  Clashing  with  some  70’s  sportswear  key  elements  such  as,  the  sporty  ribbons  in  tracksuits

found in the Hacienda acid house raves in different color variations, and the German copper-like-plastic

zipper with key-ring-pull and a modern chain.

Florals  and  checks  in  the  style  of  French  tapestries  in  the  collection  is  homage  to  Edward  James  in

reference to his surreal sculpture garden “Las Pozas,” in Mexico, along with his  “Monkton House, ” in


As Stephanie Hahn explains, “both the surrealistic art movement and the music played in the Hacienda

have  been  a  critical  social  statement  based  on  the  wish  to  challenge  the  existing  society  and  culture

with the medium of creativity.”

Green is the key color for Autumn/Winter 2016 this season and  it comes in shades of olive, teal, pear,

mud and moss. Also hints of licorice black, steel blue, dark grey, pale nude, as well as, reds and  brown

tones in shades of hickory caramel, chestnut, taupe and amber are part of the new season.

22/4  is  built  on  a  range  of  English  heritage-based  patters  and  realized  on  high-end  Italian  fabrics  in

100%  wool,  viscose  and  high-tech  jersey.  This  season  22/4  introduces  an  Italian  floral  jacquard  in  black,

green and blue. Made in Germany faux-fur in seal-look and alpaca and vicuna-look.

New  this  season  is  the  trumpet  sleeve  in  shirtings  and  blazers,  flared  seems,  flower  holders,  sporty

ribbon detailing and 70’s zippers. Besides the long bomber jackets and quilted waistcoats there are key

details  such  as  the  double  pocket  developments  and  the  German  hand-made  velvet  pansy  and  viola

that adorn  the  shirts  and  jackets  that  refer  to  the  classic boutonniere and  are part  of the English  heritage

world of the collection.


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